Stainless Steel Cut Wire Cr

A low hardness, long lasting and high performing product, our stainless steel cut wire with chrome impresses with its reduced dust formation during the blasting process. Ideal as a substitute for high nickel abrasives, and also very popular in the concrete block industry, this material sets new standards. We will be happy to help you…

Application areas

  • Blast cleaning
  • Concrete and natural stone cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Derusting
  • Desanding
  • Descaling
  • Fettling
  • Surface finish
Stainless Steel Cut Wire Cr

Product features

Typical physical properties
Hardness ca. 300 HV +/- 10 %
Grain shape cylindrical / rounded
Specific gravity ca. 6,5 – 7,8 g/cm3
Bulk density* ca. 3,8 – 4,8 g/cm3

*depending on grain size

Typical chemical analysis
Cr 11,50 – 18,0 %
Mn max. 1,50 %
Si max. 1,00 %
C max. 0,15 %
P max. 0,04 %
S max. 0,015 %
Ni max. 0,6 %
Fe remainder

Available sizes

Metric Diameter (mm)

Other grain sizes can be produced if required.

Blasting systems

  • Pressure blast machines
  • Wheel blast machines


  • 25 kg bags on 1 t pallets
  • 1 t loose in a big bag

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