We supply

  • abrasive material (sandblasting, blasting)
    • engineering industry
    • foundry industry
  • grinding fillings for ball mills
    • cement plants
    • limekilns
    • thermal power plants
    • mines

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we have been here for you for 27 years.

About company

The establishment of our company dates back to 1997. At present, we have built long term relationships with our customers throughout Slovakia, also thanks to the fact that the goods can be taken immediately from our warehouses in Považská Bystrica and Humenné. Long term customers are large companies from the Slovak Republic, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, which annually take several tens of tons of material, as well as companies that take several tens of kg. Our goal is the satisfaction of every customer.

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phone: +421 905 56 36 34

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WEXI, s.r.o.

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